This page is dedicated for the prayer requests of our First Nations’ brothers and sisters.


The Polly Cooper shawl is one of the greatest relics of the Oneida people. Linked to it is the story of George Washington’s sick and starving army wintering at Valley Forge in 1777-78. The suffering was relieved by an Oneida gift of corn organized by Chief Shenendoah.

Link to story.


Prophecy: The Apostolic Mantle Is Coming on First Nations People

This story appears in Charisma Magazine which is linked abouve.



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John Fire Lame Deer
May 14, 2012
Attention Potential Volunteers for Longhouse Construction:
We’ve got the Longhouse frame up and tied together with bark lashing. We are ready to start putting the sheathing on the exterior and to start the many interior jobs. 
Anyone who can volunteer anytime 6:30 am to 5:00 pm from Monday 5/14/12 to Friday 5/18/12, we have the following work:
  1. Strip bark from poplar saplings (4′ sections) that we will use for bunk sheathing. Need sharp knife.
  2. Round cut edge of 4′ poplar sapling to be used for bunk sheathing. Need rough grit belt sander or power planer.
  3. Tie poplar bark lashings onto low sapling joints (no ladders). Need staple gun and staples. 
  4. Shovel excavation spoils onto the trench backfill area. Shovel and wheelbarrow brown stone into the pipe backfill area. Shovel and wheelbarrow clay into the trench backfill area. Need shovel and rake, wheelbarrow good too. 
  5. Help build utility pole bridge over creek. Supervise/Help Vo-Tech boys to shovel footings, place utility poles, install decking lumber. Need shovel, level, drill, etc. 
Then we hope to have  a big bunk sheathing day on Saturday 5/19/12 from 7 am till 4 pm. We will be having a large group of volunteers tie the 4′ poplar saplings to the bunk beams to create the sheathing. Need sharp knife. If we don’t get all the saplings prepared prior, we will also need rough grit belt sander or power planer and power cut-off saw.
So that’s the plan for now. Hope you can come and help this amazing project. 
You don’t need to, but it sure would help if you let us (Becky) know when you are planning to come. 
— —
Becky Gochnauer
1719 Hans Herr House & Museum
1849 Hans Herr Drive
Willow Street, PA 17584



Here is a link to great native news happening in Portland, Oregon.


Here is a link to an electronic copy of PA House Resolution 499

Recognizing American Indian Peoples of PA 


April event in Salem aims for Northwest Spiritual turnaround

CNNW publisher

SALEM — The call has gone out from no less than Oregon State House Co-Speaker Bruce Hanna — for the Church of Oregon and for Native American tribal communities to meet here next month in a potentially historic gathering.

Follow link for entire story.


October 9, 2010 Public Acknowledgement and Commeration Ceremony for Native Americans. 1719 Hans Herr House Museum. Here is a link to the afternoon Longhouse Site Dedication. Lancaster, PA.

<a href=”“><a href=””>

<a href=”“>

<a href=”“>


“Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” Could Become Oklahoma’s Official Gospel Song

Follow the link to the story of a Gospel song written by Choctaw native Wallis Willis. The song is now being proposed in Okalahoma State legislature to become the offical state Gospel Song.


Apology and Remembrance

Members of 6 Tribes meet in Washington, DC with federal gov’t representatives to receive official apology. Follow link for story and video.


Native American Pioneer Woman to be Honored

Madame Marie Dorion also known as “Walks Far Woman” is being recognized for her contribution to American history in Washington State where she settled.

Dorion, or Walks Far Woman, arrived in the Willamette Valley in 1841, farming land by the Salem-Keizer border and in the Gervais area.

In 1850, the mother of five was buried beneath the altar of the St. Louis Church in the Gervais area rather than the cemetery: an honor worthy of saints and noblemen

Follow the link for full story.


In “Prophetic Act,” Former First Nations’ Chief on Canadian Cross-Country Tour Urging Tribes to Forgive


New Church Reaches out to Navajo Nation Pastored by One of Their Own.


Budget gives $200 million for residential school victims


Eviction of Non-Natives Splits Mohawk Reserve–evicting-26-non-natives-splits-reserve


First Nations and Pine Ridge Rez. Honored at PA Prayer Conference

                       <a href=”“>                                                     

The conference was held at Healing Tree International, Campbeltown, PA 17010 January 26-27


Oral Robert’s Last Sermon Delivered To Local Native American Church


Untold Story of the Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples

This story must be told to everyone.

Watch the brief video interview of a former boarding school student. Follow the link for a full length video documenting a virtual holocaust of aboriginal peoples in Canada.

 <a href=”” target=”_blank”> 


Don’t forget Leonard Peltier this holiday season regardless of your religious views. for the addy


ReallyBob-Protestant church makes official apology to Lenape Indians at ceremony in New York.


Urgent For Pine Ridge Lakota/Sioux Nation

(These comments are from Twitter)

MORE shocking facts: High school drop-out rate is 70%. We R IN the bottom 10 % of school funding from the US Dept of Education.

More Facts @life on Pine Ridge Rez: 1/3 of our homes have no water, electricity, sewage system or insulation

Life on Pine Ridge: Average life expectancy is 48 years men and 52 for women

LakotaKid Lakota Holy Man, Black Elk prophesied that the 7th generation would repair the Broken Hoop. We are the 7th generation. We Will Not Fail

LakotaKid OMGOSH…I just received an invitation to speak UCLA Berkeley on a subject dear to my heart, The Direction of the 7th Generation. WHOO HOO

LakotaKid We do not go to Wounded Knee Memorial to remember those buried there but what is buried within outselves. Madonna Thunder Hawk. AIM Auntie

SpiritPineRidge Support Lakota ecomonic initiatives for self sufficiency through the Lakota Art Market

SpiritPineRidge Urgent! Heating assistance critical 4 Pine Ridge Reservations! PLEASE HELP!!

SpiritPineRidge HELP raise funds for ONE Spirit and the Lakota People

SpiritPineRidge Many homes on the Reservation are badly in need of repair. Can you help?

SpiritPineRidge Benefit walk for ONE SPIRIT to be held in Howth, Ireland on Sat.11/28/2009

SpiritPineRidge CALLING ALL QUILTERS: Help fill the ONE Spirit’s Okini List.

SpiritPineRidge An Appeal for Digital Cameras to help ONE Spirit expand the youth art program


Expert Gives Perspective on Native American Rights Movement



Ndian Jobs –


Brother Gray fox,I am sending you this e-mail that I received from Warriors For Christ.I am
asking you to keep this young lady,on your prayer list. I feel so Bless
reading this e-mail.That God has call this young lady to the mission
field,of Native Americans….AMEN!!!

—– Original Message —–
From: “WARRIOR” <>
Sent: Saturday, September 19, 2009 5:59 PM
Subject: Kelsey/

> Bro Gray-
> have sent this to a WA contact for ideas for her=
> Gordon/wfc
> ————————————————
> —– Original Message —–
> From: “Kelsey” (last name omitted for privacy)
> To: <>
> Sent: Saturday, September 19, 2009 2:15 PM
> Subject: Warriors for Christ: Information
>> This is an enquiry e-mail via from:
>> Kelsey

>> Hey, my name is Kelsey , I’m 22 and I’m from southern Indiana. I
>> just graduated from Johnosn Bible College in Knoxville TN with my
>> associates and now taking class back home to become a nurse. God had
>> given me a strong desire to work on a Native American reservation. The
>> west coast part of Washington has always interested me with the
>> landscape, climate, and the culture. When I was looking to do an
>> internship next summer I felt that this was where God was calling me. I
>> have looked and looked online for programs to work through on either the
>> Quinault, Quileute, or Hoh reservations but I’m having trouble finding
>> something. I’m looking to stay on the reservation all summer and build
>> strong relationships and do whatever I can to help.  If you know of
>> anyone who could help me or give me any information I would greatly
>> appreciate it. Thanks




Leonard Peltier’s Parole was Denied.

Please support this effort to obtain freedom for Leonard Peltier. Demand that President Obama live up to his promise to respond to governmental abuses of First Nation’s peoples by making the release of Leonard Peltier a priority now.

Supporters are calling for a world wide 24 hour vigils on September 11th – 12th to begin at 8:45 AM.  (This link details the denial and Native American response)

M.RedElkLakotahkidClemency Petition to Free Peltier Please Sign the petition.

 lakotakid: Show your support & join the “Free Leonard Peltier” group on Twibbon:  from web

Twitterprofilephoto_normal steve_shaheen: RT @lakotakid: Please offer prayers for Leonard Peltier’s release. 10 days and counting. White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111

More White House Numbers:

Switchboard: 202-456-1414

FAX: 202-456-2461

Comments: 202-456-6213


The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500



Use these links for Native American News.

The Buffalo Post

Indian Country Today

Native American Times


Visit the Warriors for Christ web site for news, information, and a prayer needs of First Nations peoples.

Warriors for Christ Web Site
Warriors for Christ Web Site



Christian hope indian eskimo fellowship. Inc.

1644 E Campo Bello Dr.
Phoenix AZ 85022


602-482-0860 fax

Tom Claus, Founder




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  1. Please visit and repost your version of this blog notice >>> <<<<<<

    As a result of Peltier’s recent parole denial, Ben Carnes, Choctaw Nation, and a Sun Dance Chief, states he will go to Washington, D.C. to stand and fast in front of the White House between September 5th – 12th, in hopes of securing a meeting with President Obama

    Thanks for your Support

  2. Sonja de Vogel says:

    Iam happy, to see this website, Praise God!! To Him all he glory!!

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