Here is a link to a 24/7 prayer network on facebook.
A continuing reminder: If you are in need of healing please join the prayer conference calls on either Monday of each week at 7:00 PM Eastern U.S. Time. Once again, the number to call is (805) 399-1000. Then enter the access code: 124763#.

Provided as a service of:

Regner A. Capener

Sunnyside, Washington 98944


August 12, 2013

Dear Aglow Team,

My sister just called to tell me about a dear friend of hers-Bella Bouchon.  Bella has cancer all over her body- in tumors.  She will be 64 in October.
Please pray for a miracle of healing.
I told her that God does answer prayer and we both recalled how God graciously granted our mother 10 extra years of life.  She too, had cancer.
So, please pray for Bella.  Marsha thinks she is saved.
Thank you all.
Posted Jan. 24, 2013
I believe the United States has reached a critical point in it’s existence, therefore the country needs to express repentance before the Lord our God earnestly seek God again to lead this country back into God’s favor. The country must repent of seeking salvation from government, money, and technology rather than God the Father.
Amber Alert Received 1-14-13 at 9pm
P O Box 921
Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480-0921December 17th, 2012
Dear Saints of God:It is with a sad heart that I write this note.We have dealt with a Pastor for many years now and have had a wonderful, trusting relationship with him. But we received a report from him, through a mutual friend, stating that his ministry team was attacked in Nigeria on December 6th and that 67 Christians were killed and many wounded. He stated that 5 of his own team members were seriously injured and required immediate medical treatment.Since then we have discovered that this incident did not happen.My Pastor, Bryan McGee researched the attached photos and found that they were in fact from another Nigerian attack. This attack happened in a different town, in a different state, and the photos were actually from the bombing of Bauchi Catholic church in Jos, Nigeria in September.We have asked Pastor Ezekiel directly about this and he continues to assert that this incident did happen. However, we additionally researched many local newspapers and web sites from Ilorin and Kwara state and can find nothing about this ever happening.Several days ago, still trying to give Pastor Ezekiel the benefit of a doubt, we asked him to send us photos of his team members in the hospital. We also asked for the police report and medical reports and billing to substantiate these claims. To this date he has not contacted us.

Therefore, we must conclude that Pastor Ezekiel has attempted a scam and we are cutting him loose immediately.

We will attempt to recover the well drilling equipment which was sent to him; there are no guarantees that we can recover it.

For those of you who have sent money for this relief, we will be returning it to you (unless you have already indicated for us not to do so).
Pray for Pastor Ezekiel; we still love him and will continue to pray that God will restore him.

Ricky L. Leonard
Ricky Leonard Ministries

Ricky Leonard/Nigeria update – 12-12-12

Dear friends:
In our last email we forwarded the report of the attack on Pastor Ezekiel’s team in Nigeria.
If any of you have intended to send money for their medical expenses, please hold it for now.
There have been some additional developments, which we cannot divulge at this time. We will keep you informed as things unfold.
God bless all of you for your prayers for this situation.
Ricky and Mary Leonard
Ricky Leonard World Outreach Ministries | P O Box 921 | Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480-0921
Urgent Prayer Request:We just heard from our friends and fellow Christians in Nigeria. Our brother Ezekiel was conducting in an open air crusade in Kwara State Nigeria. On December 6th, the meeting was violently attacked by Al-Qaeda backed Boko Haram terrorists. The terrorist attackers used guns and machetes to kill 67 Christians in attendance. The terrorist attackers destroyed the host Pastor’s equipment being used. Twenty two members of the host Pastor’s church were killed.  Five members of Pastor Ezekiel’s team were seriously injured and required hospitalization and surgeries.At the time of the attack, Pastor Ezekiel and the host Pastor were in another location praying for the sick.
Please pray for the family of the martyred Christians, many children are now orphaned.
Please pray for Pastor Ezekiel and his team and their families for peace and Divine protection.
Pastor Ezekiel and the host pastor (whose named is deliberately being withheld, for his protection) have unexpected expenses of hospitalization and for replacement of their equipment.I know that El Shaddai has more than enough to supply and replace broken and damaged goods, agree with us in prayer for this.The bible commands us to pray for those in authority, governors etc, (1 Timothy 2:1-2) that we may live peaceable lives. Pray for the government of Kwara State.
Pray that these Al-Qaeda backed terrorists will be brought to justice.
Pray for the salvation of the Muslims in the area.
Three hundred and twenty seven people gave their lives to Jesus, and many Muslims, before the attack came.
Please pray for a speedy recovery for the team members and for their needs to be met, and peace for their families.Love,
Ricky and MaryPS – These are very poor people and their medical expenses will be $4,000 or $5,000 or more. If you would like to contribute to help these dear ones, you can give a donation thru our website (www.Rickyleonard.net) in any currency, or mail it to :Ricky Leonard Ministries P O Box 921, Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480-0921. We are a registered, 501c3 charity in the USA.
Received Dec. 2, 2012

URGENT MISSING WOMAN: Lynn Hewitt, 57 – Lancaster, NEW YORK (wandered away from St. Elizabeth’s Home) http://post.ly/9u7JE 

Any prayers would be greatly appreciated for these two good friends, each in need of a miracle:
Sharon Myers, of Newport, PA
In serious need of a lung transplant.
Sharon is currently in Holy Spirit Hospital, Room 510, 503 N. 21st St., Camp Hill, PA
Frank Marsico of Mechanicsburg, PA
Frank has valiantly been fighting recurring cancer for several years
Received Sept. 25, 2012
Pastor Youcef has been released from prison and issued the following letter of thanksgiving.

Salaam! (Peace be upon you!)

I glorify and give grace to the Lord with all my heart. I am grateful for all the blessings that He gave me during my whole life. I am especially grateful for His goodness and divine protection that characterized the time of my detention.

I also want to express my gratitude towards those who, all around the world, have worked for my cause, or should I say the cause that I defend. I want to express my gratitude to all of those who have supported me, openly or in complete secrecy. You are all very dear to my heart. May the Lord bless you and give you His perfect and sovereign Grace.

Indeed I have been put to the test, the test of faith which is, according to the Scriptures “more precious than perishable gold.” But I have never felt loneliness, I was all the time aware of the fact that it wasn’t a solitary battle, for I have felt all the energy and support of those who obeyed their conscience and fought for the promotion of the justice and the rights of all human beings. Thanks to these efforts, I have now the enormous joy to be by my wonderful wife and my children. I am grateful for these people through whom God has been working. All of this is very encouraging.

During that period, I had the opportunity to experience in a marvelous way the Scripture that says: “Indeed, as the sufferings of Christ abound for us, our encouragement abound through Christ.” He has comforted my family and has given them the means to face that difficult situation. In His Grace, He provided for their spiritual and material needs, taking away from me a heavy weight.

The Lord has wonderfully provided through the trial, allowing me to face the challenges that were in front of me. As the Scriptures says, “He will not allow us to be tested beyond our strength….”

Despite the fact that I have been found guilty of apostasy according to a certain reading of the Shar’ia, I am grateful that He gave the leaders of the country, the wisdom to break that judgment taking into account other facts of that same Shar’ia. It is obvious that the defenders of the Iranian right and the legal experts have made an important effort to enforce the law and the right. I want to thank those who have defended the right until the end.

I am happy to live in a time where we can take a critical and constructive look to the past. This has allowed the writing of universal texts aiming at the promotion of the rights of man. Today, we are debtors of these efforts provided by dear people who have worked for the respect of human dignity and have passed on to us these universal significant texts.

I am also debtor of those who have faithfully passed on the Word of God, that very Word who makes us heirs of God.

Before ending, I want to express a prayer for the establishment of an unending and universal peace, so that the will of the Father be done on earth as it is in heaven. Indeed, everything passes, but the Word of God, source of all peace, will last eternally.

May the grace and mercy of God be multiplied to you. Amen!

Youcef Nadarkhani
8 September 2012

Received Sept. 13, 2012

My daughter, Sarah has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in her nasal area.  She has what they thought was a polyp removed two weeks ago and the pathology came back as it being a cancer.  She had an MRI and is having a CT scan today.  The oncologist plans to operate in the next few weeks and it sounds like it will be a lot.  They feel the cancer has not spread but they want to treat it aggressively.  The cancer is usually slow growing but can be rapid growing. After surgery she will have radiation and 5 doses of chemo.  She is quite positive and they are telling her this is a bump in the road of life but one is never certain.

Please pray for her and her recovery.



Craig N. Clive


Submitted on Sept 12, 2012

Received from Mimi Red Elk on Facebook.
What started as a mission to deliver donations and school supplies to Kyle SD, Peter’s truck has broken down and he and his children are stranded …anyone with an idea, or real help please contact Standing Bear or me, or David Martinez
Standing Bear
We are in living in HELL!!! Our truck is done. Not kidding. Engine is blown. We are stuck in Kyle SD. We have no way home. Any ideas. No seriously, ANY ideas? Vehicle rental is NOT an option. Tried it.
Standing Bear add to that, we have no cell phone coverage but the hotel has wifi. If you have a serious idea please message me and I’ll get you the number of the hotel that you can call me. Please, we need help.

Please heal me and please pray for me about my anxiety and panic and fear and worry. Can I join as a partner? God bless and blessings from Addie

Received August 21, 2012 From Breaking Christian News

Prayer Alert: Young Christian Pakistani Girl Arrested and Accused of Blasphemy against Koran

(Pakistan)—According to reports, a young Christian girl was arrested for alleged blasphemy on August 16th in an outlying district of Islamabad, Pakistan. The crime is punishable by death.

Rimsha Misrak was accused of defaming the Koran, supposedly carrying burned pages in a bag. But, in a FOXNews report it was noted that there were “various religious and Arabic-language papers that had been partly burned, but no Koran” in her shopping bag when she was brought to the police station.

Rimsha’s relatives say she has Down syndrome, although the International Christian Concern (ICC) report could not yet verify her mental state. She was, however, said to be “scared and unable to speak normally” when she was arrested.

For more information, follow the link:


Received August 8, 2012

  • Alexander Ray Smith was born on June 25,2012 at 2:16am. My sister was only 25 weeks pregnant. He weighed 1lb 14oz and was 13 inches long. He has been transported to Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville Kentucky.

Received August 5, 2012

Good Day to You All,I covet your prayers, on Tuesday, I am scheduled to begin 2 hour Chemo treatments, once a week for 12 weeks.
I have a testimony, all day last Wednesday when I was told we need to start chemo, I felt and still feel a peace of God that is unexplainable in the flesh.
Praise His Holy Name!

Anchored in Jesus!
God Bless,
Karl W

Received July 22, 2012

Justice continues to speak with a forked tongue. Joe Paterno’s statue has been removed from display at Penn State, but the fountain at Reservoir Park in Harrisburg, PA depicting child porn remains. Let’s get real and call evil for what it is

Received May 27, 2012

MISSING: Eric Haider, 30 (pacemaker) Bismarck, ND http://post.ly/7VGH4

LostNMissing IncLostNMissing Inc ‏@lostnmissing

Missing: Veronica Torres, 17 Fall River, MA http://post.ly/7VGqH

Received May 13, 2012

Four heading to Christian youth rally killed in Kansas plane crash
Hannah Luce, 22, of Garden Valley, Texas, was critically injured and admitted to the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, Kan. Luce, a recent Oral Roberts graduate, is the daughter of Ron Luce, a trustee at the school and the founder of Teen Mania Ministries, which was sponsoring this weekend’s Acquire the Fire rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Received May 1, 2012

I just received word that Pastor Judy Mastros has been diagnosed with cancer

and was given only a few weeks to live. Her son is the Pastor of Gateway Church in York, PA..

She needs a miracle!

Would you please get the word out to your contacts.

Thank you so much for what you do!


Reverend Eugene Chappell

Received April 25, 2012
Tiffany Aitkin came home from the hospital yesterday. YAY GOD!
Received April 22, 2012
HeadlinezNewz ‏ @HeadlinesNewz

International Committee of Red Cross aide abducted in Yemen: SANAA/ADEN (Reuters) – Armed men kidnapped a French… http://bit.ly/I5pCAm

Received April 20, 2012

Keep praying for Tiffany Aitkin she is recovering rapidly and may be able to return home this week. She is considered a medical miracle at this point having survived against odds of 1:500,000. Yay God!
Received April 18, 2012
Agreeing in prayer for complete healing for Tiffany Aitkin who just had emergency surgery in Harrisburg Hospital for blood clots in her lungs. Yay God! Claiming Ezekiel 16:6.
Eze 16:6 ¶ And when I passed by thee, and saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I said unto thee [when thou wast] in thy blood, Live; yea, I said unto thee [when thou wast] in thy blood, Live.
Received April 14, 2012
LostNMissing Inc ‏ @lostnmissingMISSING TEEN: Cierra Thomas, 15 – New Orleans, LOUISIANA (MEDICAL NEEDS and DESPONDENT) http://is.gd/3fpntIJohnny Kelly ‏ @stormchaser4850

Developing: ***Oklahoma and Kansas have activated their state emergency operation centers due to the tornado outbreak***

Received March 19, 2012
‏ @eavesdropann

@AP: Missing hot air balloon pilot saved others before crashing in thunderstorm; search is on in Ga.: http://apne.ws/zQ4iyR -ldh”

Received Mar. 13, 2012
Breaking News

BreakingNewsBreaking News

Bangladesh ferry disaster: Death toll now at 31, ‘dozens’ still missing – officials estimate around 200 people onboard when boat sank – @AP
Received Mar. 11, 2012

lostnmissingLostNMissing Inc

MISSING TEEN: Kaylynn Stevenson, 15 – Silver Spring, MARYLAND http://post.ly/5vDq4
LostNMissing Inc

lostnmissingLostNMissing Inc

ENDANGERED MISSING TEEN: Josh Norris, 19 – Kennesaw, GEORGIA (cell found by oil change business in south Coweta Coun… http://post.ly/5vDUF
LostNMissing Inc

lostnmissingLostNMissing Inc

VULNERABLE MISSING: Dennis Rogers, 54 – Houston, TEXAS (MENTAL CAPACITY OF A 9 YEAR OLD – went into the woods in the… http://post.ly/5vCzX
LostNMissing Inc

lostnmissingLostNMissing Inc

MISSING TEEN: Tyler Vanskiver, 15 – Canaseraga, NEW YORK (runaway – possibly in Avoca or Hornell area) http://post.ly/5vCYU
Received Mar. 5, 2012
LostNMissing Inc

lostnmissingLostNMissing Inc

MISSING DEPUTY: Terry Triplett, 60 – Garrett, KENTUCKY (was driving a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria w/red emergency light… http://post.ly/5njZ9
 Received Mar. 4, 2012
LostNMissing Inc

lostnmissingLostNMissing Inc

 Received Mar. 3, 2012

Johnny Kelly

stormchaser4850Johnny Kelly

Toddler found in Indiana field 10 miles from home is only survivor (Parents, siblings dead) #tornado http://gbpg.net/x9Jw7J
Received Mar. 2, 2012
Johnny Kelly

stormchaser4850Johnny Kelly

DEVELOPING: *Major tornado outbreak continues unabated: 266 tornado warnings as of 820 pm CST; More than 85 tornado reports*

Received Feb. 27, 2012

From: “Pierre Bynum” <pbynum@FRC.ORG>
To: intercessors@frc.org
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2012 1:12:33 PM
Subject: Urgent Prayer Needed! Jeanne Monahan and the Obamacare         Abortifacient Mandate Hearings Tomorrow

Dear Praying Friends,
Jeanne Monahan (see Bio), FRC resident Pro-life policy expert, will testify before the full House Judiciary Committee tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday),  at 2:30 PM Eastern (see attached pdf).  The committee is investigating the Obama Administration’s unconstitutional mandate upon religious organizations, requiring them to provide health insurance that covers free contraceptives, sterilization, and abortifacient drugs to their employees.
Jeanne asked for prayer last week and I asked you to pray in my Saturday prayer notice . Today, Tony Perkins asked me again, to request prayer for Jeanne. Would you pray and mobilize others to pray as the Lord leads you? This mandate is the most egregious and far reaching violation of religious liberty we have ever seen come from an American President. It is an obvious assault on pro-life Protestants and even more to Catholics, who have unwaveringly held to a religious conviction that all forms of artificial contraception are a violation of their faith. The President know this but is absolutely unbending. Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion lobbies ar thrilled. 
These hearings need to inform, motivate and energize our elected leaders to make Congress the check and balance our Founders intended it to be, and to stop this unconstitutional mandate.
Please pray for Jeanne, that she will be led of the Lord as she prepares for and delivers her testimony. May she have perfect peace and be filled with the Spirit as she testifies. May her testimony be powerfully anointed by the Holy Spirit; may she stand out among the witnesses, and may her testimony have historic impact. 
Thanks & God bless!
Rev. Pierre Bynum
Chaplain & National Prayer Director
Regional Director for Church Ministries

Family Research Council
801 G Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 202-393-2100
Fax: 202-393-2134
Email: pbynum@frc.org
Web: www.frc.org

Received Feb. 27, 2012

The Associated Press

@AP The Associated Press
Four students wounded in shooting at northeast Ohio’s Chardon High School; no word on extent of injuries: http://apne.ws/xr5S68 -EF

Received Feb. 26, 2012

To my 300….pray I was in a car accident and have two slipped disks and no cartlidge between 5th and 6th vertebra. The pain is unbelievable. This all happened the day I put in production on the 1st DVD Redeeming His Bride.

Received Feb. 22, 2012

Urgent Prayer & Action: Final Verdict for Pastor Youcef… Death

(Iran)—According to a FOXNews report today, the final verdict has been handed down on Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani’s fate—death.

As Youcef’s supporters all around the world feared, the Iranian trial court has decided that he will be executed on the charges that he left Islam to convert to Christianity.

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani’s family and supporters are asking for urgent prayer by Believers worldwide, on his behalf, and for people to contact their legislators to ask for intervention.

Follow the link for more information:


Received Feb. 16th


The daughter of a pastor is in critical condition after being accidentally shot in the back of the head at a church in Florida.

Received Feb. 14

This Prayer Chain is calling ALL Christians into action NOW on behalf of this Iranian pastor, who faces execution!

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani never practiced the Muslim faith and converted to Christianity at age 19, becoming a pastor later. But the courts say that since his mother and father were practicing Muslims, he must recant his Christian faith or die. So far, in three court appearances, he has refused to do so – RISKING EXECUTION AT ANY MOMENT. The Iranian Supreme Court often acts quickly in administering the death penalty.
According to a report, when asked by judges to “repent,” Youcef replied: “Repent, What should I return to? To the blasphemy that I had before my faith in Christ?”

The judges replied: “To the religion of your ancestors – Islam.” To which Yousef replied: “I cannot.”

It’s time for the body of Christ to act, to pray, to plead for the life of our Brother before Christ so that His servant may be spared.
This is what you are asked/called to do. As soon as you receive this email, PRAY IMMEDIATELY. Forward toyour Church so that they may all pray too. Then forward this PRAYER REQUEST to every CHRISTIAN you know so that they may pray also.
The Bible States , “If God is with us, who can stand against us.”

http://www.christiantelegraph.com/issue14030.html <http://www.christiantelegraph.com/issue14030.html>

Received Feb. 2, 2012

Would you please pass this along to all prayer warriors?

God Bless



Please pray for Doug Campbell, He has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, it has spread to liver and possibly lungs.  He is divorced with no children, and only 47 yrs young.  He has no health insurance.

 Last year he lost everything in a fire.  He rented apartment from the guy that owned Zap on Queen Street, when fire broke out and lost everything.  His business and personal contents all gone, again with no insurance.

 This young man is truly hurting, and doesn’t know our Father.  I told my friend that I would put word out to pray for her brother.

 Thank you


— Forwarded Message —–
From:To: Sent: Friday, January 6, 2012 7:36 PM
Subject:Prayer for Betty

Good evening, Prayer Partners:

Please add Bettyto your prayer list. She started with a cold a couple days after Christmas and yesterday her doctor put her on an antibiotic for a sinus infection and bronchitis. Since her breathing was not so good, she has two different medications to breathe for a total of 5 times a day. Pray that the Lord uses the medications she is taking to help in a quick healing and a return of her strength.

While you at it, pray that He will keep any germs away from me so I can give Betty the extra help she need to give her the rest she needs. Thanks!

Blessings of Peace and Joy – Lee

I received this prayer request on Facebook. Nov. 26, 2011


103 Year Old Evangelist Mary Mama Jenkins passed into glory

November 24, 2011

Funeral arrangeents pending.


Nov. 2o, 2011
Mama Jenkins has been in the hospital for about a week with an infection and 3 bloodclots.She had been improving, but the doctors just called and  want to do surgery on Mama tomorrow. One of the clots has apparently moved to her lungs and she’s having shortness of breath. Eric ( a godly man who is helping to take care of her) doesn’t know if Mama will let them do the surgery. Pray that God give her His wisdom as to what to do. You may spread this word to others to pray.


Rachael travails for her son Tyler who has turned tp drugs to placate the anger that permeates his soul. Please stand together in agreement that the root of bitterness that is driving Tyler’s life will flee from him NOW in Jesus name. Amen!


APRIL 12, 2011

URGENT – Bill (my fiance’) just received a call that his mother has had a major heart attack…She is very weak and cannot have a neccessary surgery at this time. If she lives until Fri she will have surgery…PLEASE PRAY!!!! We need restoration in this family on many levels! Bill & I are trying to find good airfare to fly to where she is at (Sarasota Fla.). All prayers are sooooo appreciated!

In Him,
Michelle Forwood

APRIL 7, 2011

Please pray for my son-in-law, Matt Schoff, who is having back surgery on Thursday am.  He is unable to walk currently, and his back is in bad shape.  I am praying, standing and believing for an amazing miracle for him.  Jesus is exceedingly, abundantly able to do more than we could ask or think.  Please remember Chelsea also as she is unable to sleep, and is weary.  Please join with me to hold up her hands now.  Thank you all so much for praying, standing and believing with me.  Many blessings to each one of you.


FEBRUARY 25, 2011

Pastor Shep Rexrode of Faith Covenant in York Haven, PA is on life support in York Hospital, York, PA. His condition is critical critical. We need to agree in prayer to bring back to full alive and functionality.

Prayer Request

My husband Ed has a Parole hearing in February.  I am asking you to join with me in prayer for the month of January and February.  About six weeks after his hearing he will get an answer as to what their decision will be.  We never know the exact day of the hearing until it is within a day or two.

Pray for the Parole Board and the DOC (Department of Corrections), those who have say in the decisions concerning Ed.

Please pray for Ed and for Ed’s early release.  Pray for those who are in authority and who have direct influence on the decisions concerning Ed’s welfare.  Plead Favor in the eyes of those who have direct influence in the decisions concerning Ed.

Thank you for all your prayers.  They are greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Ronna



Back on Nov. 2, I shared the last update on a woman Named Robin from Lancaster. At that time the mass in her lungs was beginning to respond to treatment. Now its totally gone!!!!!

I am hoping she will agree to share her testimony in writing and also in person in the near future. This is the kind of testimony that speaks of encouragement and hope to all of God’s people.

People need to know God is real and that He love’s everyone of us. Everyone needs to know the testimony of Jesus on the Cross referred to in the Bible as the Blood of the Lamb. And we overcome every challenge, every sin, every sickness in our lives by His precious Blood and the word of our testimony. Amen. (Rev. 12:11)

Below is the latest from a friend of Robin’s. Please join in praising God for this awesome miracle.

She was just back to Pittsburgh for check up..(Monday Dec. 20)    and LOTS of tests, x-rays and scans
all came back CLEAN.. only a wee bit of scar tissue left..   she is off ALL antibiotics and only has to
have a scan done in a month, then 3 months then 6 months!!!
She knows, personally now, the power of prayer !!!


Monday Nov. 22, 2010 Reported by Breaking Christian News

Prayer Alert: 29 Miners Trapped Underground in New Zealand Mine—Condition Unknown

“We remain optimistic. But at the end of the day this is a search and recovery operation. We are going to go in and do our best to bring these guys out.”

Aimee Herd

A blast at the Pike River Mine in New Zealand has brought the community there in view globally, as the world once again waits for news of—this time 29—miners trapped underground.

The 29 missing in the New Zealand mine have been trapped underground since Friday, and their condition is unknown.

Read this full report at the link below:


Robin update November 2, 2010


As of this past Friday.. for the first time..  this “thing” invading her lungs has started to shrink !!!
The doctors are going to keep her on 24/7 IV antibiotics (now that they found one that works) for
a total of three months.   She is receiving over 1 million units of penicillin a day!! BUT.. it’s working!!God is good… all the time!
All the time… God is good


September 21, 2010

A lady named Robin, 43 years old, six months ago started coughing up blood and couldn’t breathe.  Tested her for everything under the sun and could not diagnos her.
They ended up removing the lower lobe of her right lung..  said if they had waited anotherh day she woudl have died
Now.. suddenly…   it’s happening in her other lung.  She was at the ER last night coughing up blood and is in the hospital now.. having all kinds of tests run.
She is a believer…      they ruled out cancer, and TB, and every imagineable fungus, virus and bacteria
Her pastor is visiting her.. Please hold her up in prayer




RT @helpingadeja: story of daughter battling with brain tumor from transplant for sickle cell need your support http://bit.ly/aDAoeP


Praying about a job in DC please remember me would move in January-Debra P, Dallas


Another Cancer Healing Request

Standing in faith for the answer to come and a miracle wrought by the hand of God.

djThis is kind of a general letter, because I want to ask my good christian friends to pray for this girl that I know.

As most of you know I work in a very small library and so you get to know your patrons really well.  We have this one patron that came and went every since I have been here.  She is married and has 3 little girls.  She has not been in here as much as usally, and she had an overdue book, for one of her girls.  So yesterday i was working the overdue list and tried to call her and let her know about the book.  Could not get through to her so I decided to send her a letter.  But a little later in the afternoon, a woman walked in and said I am bringing this book in for my friend who is sick.  When I scanned it I saw that it was the book that I was trying to get back.

I asked her what was wrong with her, and evidently about 2 months ago she began to not feel good and was in pain.  Went to the Dr and the ER and they thought that it was her gallbladder.  Well as it turns out she has liver cancer and it is already in her lymph nodes.  She is taking chemo and radiation, and they are hopefull.  But it breaks my heart for her and her family.  I do not know her spirituall state either.  But what I do know is that God can move in her life.    Her name is Joanie, so all of my friends please help me pray that God will open the doors for someone to witthess to her, and that God will give her a miracle, so that she will be able to raise the little girls.  (maby 6,7,8 ages)

Love All of You   Linda

Please Pray for our Orphan’s Ministry

Peter Wambugu to evangm77, Sept. 28,  9:42 AM

Peace be with you,
I’m requesting you to stand on the gap on behalf of the Orphans that we minister to here in Nakuru Kenya, they need food, clothes among other stuff and this can not happen unless we ask God..
Your prayers, and a word of encourage will be highly appreciated.
I hope to hear from you.

Urgent Prayer Request

Our son Tony, who is 35yrs,is being lied to by the powers of darkness, specifically the spirit of suicide. He sufferred a traumatic brain injury, due to having a broken neck in a pool accident.One of the screws from the halo brace pierced his skull forming an absess. He had to have brain surgery to remove the absess. The surgery caused a seisure disorder. He has to take anti seisure meds.He moved to anothercity where our daughter attends college. His prescription for his meds needed to be refilled.The pharmacy just informed him that the Dr., who has his practice where Tony moved from refused to order hisrefill because our son has not been to him for 2yrs. He is despondent an wrote an email to his mom,mentioning suicide. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR!!!! We need warriors to stand with us.We are in PA he is in Fla
Thank you for warring with us, standing with us ,and locking shields with us, while we see the hand of ALMIGHTY GOD move on behalfof our son,and for His Sons namesake.
Thank you alland blessings,
Howard and  Sonshine
Mass Wedding of Child Brides Held in Gaza

It is difficult for many in the West to understand the culture of militant Islam.

For instance, click here to view a news segment on MSNBC about the desperate plight of women under Islamic law in Afghanistan. This news segment could have been filmed in Iran, Saudi Arabia or any number of Islamic countries throughout the world.

 Most in the West know little about the life of Mohammed, the writings of the Qur’an, or the history of Islam. Most are unaware that Mohammed married a six year old girl and consummated the marriage when she was nine, or that he had eleven wives and numerous concubines.There is evidence that the number of Islamic child brides in Europe and England is increasing. Shariah courts and law are now officially recognized in cities across England, even as domestic abuse of Islamic women increases. We have seen reports that estimate there are now between 50,000 and 100,000 polygamous Muslim marriages in the U.S.

As Europe and England have learned, radical Islamists have a different definition of “co-existing” than we do. “Co-existing” ultimately means our values, traditions and practices must give way to theirs.


Students Denied Graduation Speeches Due to Prayer in School Ban by ACLU

Follow link to watch video.



My good friend Patti was just diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and she needs your prayers. She is a mother of 2, wife of twenty years and lover of life. (Submitted on Twitter under “PrayforPatti”)

VOMC: Join the debate. Were U.S. soldiers wrong to seek to find ways share their faith with Afghan Muslims? http://tinyurl.com/d9ksmr

CAIR leader continues CAIR’s deception as Islamic prayer opens Florida House session http://tr.im/jRuA

Pray for the removal of DHS Director Janet Napolitano from office and her salvation.

Pray for the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers to the fields.

Pray for President Obama and his family

Pray for our government.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and Israel.

Pray for a healing of the land according to 2 Chronicles 7:14

Pray for the salvation of Native Americans and God’s favor upon them.

Pray for the government to respect the taxpayers with good money management.

Pray for the salvation of every member of government.

Pray for a cure for Diabetes. Treating blood sugar is a very lucrative business for drug companies and a cure would bring an end to the profiteering.

URGENT: Chelsea a 19 y.o. woman in Pgh. has made an appointment to abort her baby on August 22. Her mother is desperately trying to talk her out of it. Please agree in prayer that this baby is allowed to live.

Sadly Chelsea had gone through with the abortion.

Virginia jail censors letter from mom to inmate because language is “Too Religious” – http://tinyurl.com/ngrfrh

Praise God – The prison administrators recently agreed to stop the practice of censoring or preventing prisoner access to religious materials.

Please Pray  for this family and those who were involved

Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2009 5:22 PM

Subject: Fw: Prayer request from Lisa Rinehart

(Lisa is a member of the Lampeter Ch. of the Brethren, Lancaster County PA )

Hi Church Family,

Could you please pass this along for prayer…

Andrew; a co-worker of my mothers who came to the states from Kenya to hold down two fulltime professional jobs to support his family who remained there; expressed worry on Sunday about his daughter flying to Japan. The political unrest has been exceptionally bad lately and random violence is common.

He just called in today to request time off to fly back to Kenya…but not for the daughter he was worried about. Instead, 3 of his 5 children (college students, all in their early 20’s) were burned to death, trapped inside a church building that was torched. Those who escaped the flames died by the sword.

Please lift Andrew and his family in prayer as well as those in that area. Pray for PEACE!!!


Two US Journalists, Jailed in North Korea, Pardoned and Expected to Return Home

Aimee Herd – FOX News – (Aug 4, 2009)

Journalists Detained and Imprisoned by North Korea – From Breaking Christian News

Laura LingLaura Ling, the cousin of Brandon Yip, the worship pastor at Bayside Covenant Church of West Roseville, California, was sentenced along with fellow journalist Euna Lee to 12 years of hard labor in prison in a closed-door trial that began on June 4 (Photo via Hokubeinews.net) “Our church is just calling out for prayer for Laura and Euna Lee,” Pastor Chuck Wysong said this afternoon, according to Covenant News


5 Responses to URGENT REQUESTS

  1. borntopray says:

    Reported by WAOW TV 9
    After two days, jury finds Dale Neumann guilty
    Posted: Aug 01, 2009 7:43 PM EDT

    A jury has convicted Dale Neumann of second degree reckless homicide in the death of his 11-year-old daughter Kara.

    Go to link for full story:

    Jury Selection To Start In Prayer Death Case

    Praying Mother Found Guilty.


    WAUSAU, Wis. — Jury selection begins Thursday in the trial of a central Wisconsin mother accused of praying while her daughter died of undiagnosed diabetes.

    Leilani Neumann is charged with second-degree reckless homicide in daughter Madeline’s Easter 2008 death at their rural Weston home. Prosecutors said Neumann had a duty to take her sick daughter to a doctor.

    The 41-year-old mother has said the family believes in the Bible, which says healing comes from God, and she never expected her daughter to die.

    A jury from Marathon County is being picked and the trial is expected to last through the next week.

    Clerk of Courts Diane Sennholz said questionnaires were sent to 250 potential jurors.

    The girl’s father’s trial starts July 23.

    Use this link for latest news.

  2. debby says:

    praying over all needs, and sorrows, gods mercy and help will be manifested in all places. i ask also you might keep me in your prayers as i to have a need, im taking before the lord,please pray for me and my family.

  3. Gordon says:

    Please pray for my dear friend Christina. She needs healing from a disorder that causes weak area to form in her artery’s She has had several surgery’s to strengthen them. There are others and she is having different health issues from this. This has been pasted down through the generations on the Native American side of her family. She is on different trail meds and different medication and has had different surgery’s. We love each other and want to be together. She has been through many loses and is broken hearted because of all this and so I am.

    There have been many spiritual battles as I have been standing and praying for her. And so I am asking for prayer for her to be healed at the source of this disorder and that the wall that has been put up Jesus would deal with. And that she would see the importance of us being together and what true love can do for her and me. I want to marry her, but the family of her fiance ho was killed in a car accident keep her guilted and she is confused about moving forward with me. asking Jesus to bring Christina and me together again

    Thank you,

  4. poppie says:


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