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This video features “Holy Spirit filled” Amish from the Glory Barn in Ephrata, PA area.

Amish Glory Barn Ephrata, PA Eugene Leid



Bringing down the middle wall of separation. Yay God!
Amish delegation at the Western Wall
A delegation of Amish/Mennonite communities visited Israel in November 2012 to express their commitment to Israel and the Jewish People. This videos shows th…


There are a lot of great “God” things happening at the conference. Come one out and join us, or join us live via internet click here or enter the following link into your web browser., or if you know of anyone that would like to join but does not have internet access they can join via conference line. Call 712-432-3973, when it asks for a conference ID enter 54448#. We plan on having these on by 7:15 every evening through Sunday Oct. 3, 2010.


For those of you that were wondering what is happeng with Blessings of Hope food ministry, here is a short video clip.

Blessings of Hope is the food ministry extension of Light of Hope Ministries.




10 Responses to AMISH GLORY BARN

  1. Lucy says:

    I am hoping to contact the same Lapp family, David and Miriam Lapp who have 5 children mentioned, who were in the t.v. documentary on BBC1, who live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I think this farm isn’t run by the correct people so can I have the address of the correct couple? I would like to write them a letter.
    Please can I have an address?

    My email is:

  2. Vannae says:

    Hi I was also hoping to contact the same family. Do you have their contact info?

  3. Beeskneesbabe says:

    I was also hoping to write to David and Miriam Lapp. They have been such an inspiration.
    Thanks in advance!

  4. Kevin says:

    41 Mount Pleasant Rd
    Paradise, PA 17562

  5. Melody Siminski says:

    There is a David Lapp associated with this site but not the one we are looking for. Does anyone know how to reach David and Miriam Lapp and family? Thank you

  6. Melody says:

    Thank you. Were they shunned? I’ve read on web in some places they were and others they were not. Such lovely people…… Hope they are well.

    • borntopray says:

      Yes they were shunned but they have turned it into an opportunity to reach other old order Amish and help them transition back into regular society. This local group travels across the country ministering and reaching out to other Amish struggling with their faith. Shunned is a traumatic experience for an Amish person. This group based in Lancaster County, PA has prospered through their ministry blessing many people with their food outreach in addition to reaching hurting Amish.

      Blessings in Jesus,


      • Stephen says:

        Hi Bob,

        I was wondering if you knew the name of this group and/or how to reach them? Or maybe if they’re speaking at an event anywhere soon? I’m based in NYC and would very much like to talk to them about Amish struggling with their faith.


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